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Violet Colour Music - Transcenental Music

Violet Colour Music - Transzenental Music

Violet is THE transcendental colour and is brought in connection with religion, spirituality since many centuries. So violet is transcendenal music . For me violet stands for " drained in the devine ". Indigo was the bridge between heaven and earth, violet now is heaven, the devine. Since nobody ever was able to describe " the devine " and also don't try to do it, but I have composed music as a more adequate expression fot it then words could do it. Possible expression associated to violet are :

Faith, mysticism, transformation, timeless, spirituality, healing, serving.

There are several composing techniques and keys related to violet. The keys are Gm, Dm, Bm, Am, C Dur ( without definition of the tonal centre ) and any kind of variation where you avoid a tonal centre in the named keys. You can achieve this goal by using inversions of the chords in your progression. Working with beats I have used mostly 60bpm which is the normal pulse when you are relaxed.

When it comes to improvisation it is recommended to work with visualizations of the colour. If you are an experienced player try to play everything with closed eyes and to visualize the selected colour. Your emotional intention and expression has a major impact on the played colour.

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Those who wish can also join the Colour Music Meditation Club. The access is free of charge. There current pieces and videos are published according to the principles of the Colour Music Meditation.

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