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Colour music is available in all download and streaming services. ( iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Deezer, etc. ) Just search for "Colour Music" in the appropriate services or click on the links below. This will take you to a page where you can select the streaming or download service of your choice. The list is in chronological order, with the most recent CD at the top of the list. The page that appears is hosted by our partner

Name & Link Description
Meditation Piano 432Hz 2 Meditation music on a 432Hz tuned piano
Piano Color Conzert 432Hz A piano concert in all colors in 432Hz
432Hz Meditation Piano Meditativ played solo piano tuned on 432 Hz
Red 2013 CD with red music
Orange 2013 CD with orange music
Yellow 2013 CD with yellow music
Green 2013 CD with green music
Blue 2013 CD with blue music
Indigo 2013 CD with indigo music
Violet 2013 CD with violet music

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Colourmusic Meditation

Those who wish can also join the Colourmusic Meditation Club. The access is free of charge. There current pieces and videos are published according to the principles of the Colourmusic Meditation.