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Colour music is the musical interpretation of colours and their emotional content. Due to a special talent, colours and music always had a connection for me. When creating colour music, it was my aim to create a music that would make this connection tangible for everyone. During the years of researching these aspects of music, nothing was left to chance, and yet I see colour music as a very personal view of music and colour.

In the conversion of colours into music I have focused on the spectral colours. The spectral colours are the sum of the light visible to us and represent the totality of human emotions. There are of course also different shades of colours which make different emotions experienceable - therefore, not every "red" sounds equally intense. There is a bright light red but also a darker dramatic red. Also mixed colours and different colours in one piece are possible but in terms of colour music this makes no sense. The colours " white " and " black " cannot be realized musically. White is the sum of all colours and black the absence of all colours.

Colour music: what is music for colours? Every colour has an emotional component, which can be represented by music. Red, for example, is a very dynamic, very focused and maybe even aggressive dramatic colour and so a piano piece or a piano improvisation can be played according to this colour. As a professional musician I have spent a lot of time on piano and guitar improvisation and compositional concepts that focus on this aspect of music to represent colours musically. Experience concerts have shown that a significant part of the audience perceives the played rides as such and listens to them. Since an improvisation depends to a large extent on the mood, the audience, the day, the astrological constellations, the environment or whatever, every concert is different. Colour music is accordingly an instantaneous transformation of colours into music.

Read an english treatise of the background of Farbmusik here - Download PDF

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Meditation and Therapy Music

Colour music is best suited as meditation music. This is especially true if you are engaged in colour meditations or if you integrate the music into therapeutic or kinesiological concepts. Colour music is basically conceived and designed as therapy music. You are welcome to use our music in your meditation or therapy and gain experience with it. Collaborations are welcome from our side. The 432 Hz Piano Meditation Music is even more specifically designed for meditative and therapeutic work. You will find a collection of CDs which you can use for this purpose.

Colour music can also be booked for meditative and contemplative concerts on piano & guitar.

Music for meditation, relaxation, yoga or therapeutic use can be obtained from the Colour Music Meditation Club. Special recordings, latest compositions or music especially for meditation, yoga or therapeutic purposes are published and made accessible there.

Hanspeter Kruesi, Weidstrasse 7, CH-8132 Egg
[email protected]
+41 79 604 54 46

Hanspeter Kruesi

Hanspeter Kruesi - Professional Colour Music Artist - I am a professional pianist, guitarist, and composer with an academic degree. I live in Switzerland, and have been a freelance musician since 1998. I master two instruments at the same high level, something rare for a professional musician. On the guitar, I present the sog. Touch Technique, mastered by only very few guitarists, in which one plays the guitar as a pianist.

" The music was already there - one must only bring down it from above "

Techniques for composition, improvisation, and playing for both piano and guitar were especially developed, researched and refined to their fullest. Since 2008, regular colourmusic concerts are taking place. These are events where all colors are presented individually in one evening (1-4 hours) or in a sequence of concerts. The effect of music is highlighted with light. The focus of colourmusic lies on the colors, so it cannot be categorized into common genres. That is why colourmusic contains very different pieces of music, and styles that range between classical and modern music.

Composing music related to colors I have focused on spectral colours because they are the sum of the light which can be seen by human beings and therefore are the sum of human emotions. Looking it that way spectral colours are the sum of all human emotions. But every colour has different shades of intensity and vibrance. Thats the reason why not every " red " as an example sounds the same. So a ligher red can be felt in a comprehensive way and a darker red more energetic and dramatic. Colours can even be mixed in one piece of music if needed. The colours " white " and " black " are not possible. White is the sum of all colours and Black is the absense of all colours.


For a long time I thought about what the origin of many human problems could be, on scales both small and large. When colours are not in balance, they can cause the negative effects we can observe each day. So I set myself the task of creating a type of music that could facilitate access to all inner emotions, to bring them again into balance. I have always had a talent to see colours and pictures in music and to implement them intuitively. The idea of Farbmusik was born.

Music, colours, and emotions are to me closely connected with each other. The sum of all visible light must also represent the sum of all accessible emotions. With this approach, I began my research. Seven years passed ( 2003 - 2010 ) until everything was finished, and a first CD series with 7 CDs could be published. Farbmusik contains only spectral colors, because according to my approach, they also included the whole spectrum of emotions. In 2013 the colourmusic CD's were released.


  • 1999 - 2005 : Various mandates in Swiss Universities of Music - ACM ( today ZKdK ) and WIAM.
  • Various guest mandates in guitar workshops in other music schools.
  • 1999 - today : Countless professional concerts and shows as guitarist in various cover bands and since 2005 concerts in Germany and abroad.
  • SMPV ( Swiss Music Pedagogical Association ) Accreditation ( authorization ) 1999 - 2007 for private university education and SMPV consulting and teaching activities.
  • Featured online instuctor at ( 2006 - 2012 ), featured online instructor at ( 2007 ) and support of over 80000 students online.
  • Running a successful guitar channel on YouTube under the name HPCrazy with currently over 27000 subscribers, over 100000 visitors / month and over 600000 viewed minutes / month. ( Feb 2020 ).
  • Presence of my music in TV and film productions on Swiss television, BBC, ABC and many others.
  • Streams on Spotify and YouTube with songs that reached 150000 streams - one on YouTube reached 1.5 Mio streams.