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Color music has always been there to achieve a harmonizing and healing effect with music. Music can thus help to harmonize and find inner strength and balance to free yourself from fear. The situation at the moment many people feel as very stressful and frightening and there the Livestreaming concerts should help to find a balance and to stabilize. That is why they now take place in 432Hz. Because of the corona situation, the concerts are currently only taking place via YouTube Livestream from the studio in Egg ZH.

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The links which are active lead directly to the livestream - there you can activate a notification and/or subscribe to the YouTube Channel to never miss a concert. Some additional concerts will be broadcasted spontanious so make sure you have subscribed to the YouTube Channel.

19. Oktober 2021. / 8:00 PM - Aries Fullmoon ( Sun Conjunction Mars )
18. November 2021. / 8:00 PM - Taurus Fullmoon ( Eklipse )
18. Dezember 2021. / 8:00 PM - Gemini Fullmoon

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Previous Concerts

Livestreaming Event Hewlett Packard - Microsoft - ETH Zürich, Open Air Schlauer Bauer, Music-Pictures - Kulturmühle, Theatertage Aarau, Konzertreihe " Unterwegs " Kirche Seegräben, 15 jähriges Jubiläum Kulturverein Volkertshausen ( D ), Diplomfeier Kunsthochschule Luzern, Vollmondkonzerte 2011 Seegräben, Kultur Obere Mühle Dübendorf, St. Jakobs Kirche Zürich, Jecklin Forum Zürich, SMPV Musik um 5, Farbmusik Nacht - Prediger Kirche Zürich, Kultursommer 12 Pfedelbach ( D ), Venus Konzert Seegräben,Kulturherbst 12 Malans, Gate68 Solothurn, Ref. Kirche Egg, Steiner Schule Münchenstein