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Red Colour Music

Red is a very dynamic colour with a lot of emotions, impulsive energy, but also power, deep emotions. Red works great as activation music. The shading of red go from very dramatic till deep romantic love feelings. Possible expression associated to red are :

Energy, earth, blood, life, passion, love, spirtual strength and power, sex.

I have developed different composing and playing techniques related to red. Preferred keys are B minor, F# minor, Db majar and minor and modal variations of all named keys. For the improvisations you might use modal variations of harmonic minor, ostinato basses and powerful fifth's intervalls. These tools give you the fundamentals to play red. Guitar sounds might be Spanish style acoustic and electric guitars. Electronics beats work best from 120bpm. Genres which work very good with red are house, industrial, hip hopp or any other dynamic genre like rock or others.

When it comes to improvisation it is recommended to work with visualizations of the colour. If you are an experienced player try to play everything with closed eyes and to visualize the selected colour. Your emotional intention and expression has a major impact on the played colour.

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Colour Music Meditation

Those who wish can also join the Colour Music Meditation Club. The access is free of charge. There current pieces and videos are published according to the principles of the Colour Music Meditation.

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