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Orange Colour Music - Heartwarming Music

Orange Coulor Music- Warmening Music

Orange is a very dynamic color, which brings harmonic energies and warm emotions. I often compare it with a pictures where you drive with your car to an extended holiday in a warm climate. If the orange has a darker shading the width is very important to create this kind of deep emotion. Related expressions for orange are :

Joy, warmth, aktivity, sensuality, tibetian monk, harmony, art, beauty.

From the musical side orange works great with acoustic guitars ( both western & nylon ). Bluesy but open structures work great. Keys which fit are E and D on piano the keys G minor, F minor and Eb work best. In electronic music trance beats from 105-135bpm work best.

When it comes to improvisation it is recommended to work with visualizations of the color. If you are an experienced player try to play everything with closed eyes and to visualize the selected colour. Your emotional intention and expression has a major impact on the played colour.

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Those who wish can also join the Colour Music Meditation Club. The access is free of charge. There current pieces and videos are published according to the principles of the Colour Music Meditation.

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