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Yellow Music - Healing Music

Yellow is a very warm and lightful colour and for me it is the main expression for all variations of sunlight. Depending on the emotional state the yellow can be nearly white or very close to orange. Yellow is great for healing light visualisization exercises. Related expression for yellow are :

Sun, light, essence, illuminance.

For yellow I developed several compositions and improvisation techniques. Prefered keys and modes are Db and Db lydian ( + modal combinations with Bb mixolydian F aeolian and B lydian ) , E minor, E ionian and lydian, F# minor or D lydian or modal variations with lydian startin on G lyidan. Ostinato basses in the names keys or modes intensify the effect of yellow. They are important to create the emotional basis to get into the color. Im compositions I worked with midtempo beats and soundpads with deep subfrequencies.

When it comes to improvisation it is recommended to work with visualizations of the colour. If you are an experienced player try to play everything with closed eyes and to visualize the selected colour. Your emotional intention and expression has a major impact on the played colour.

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Those who wish can also join the Colour Music Meditation Club. The access is free of charge. There current pieces and videos are published according to the principles of the Colour Music Meditation.

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